30 million people in Africa, especially youth, learning and playing chess by 2030

To ensure Africa is on the path towards sustainability by 2030, CSDA will invest in programs that strengthen human capacity with the goal of exponentially increasing the number of creative, critical and strategic thinkers. 30 by 30 - Effecting a Million Moves at a Time is CSDA’s ground-breaking campaign advocating for the use of chess as a learning tool in schools, colleges and universities across the continent. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Chess.

CSDA is committed to developing and executing targeted activities including the 30 by 30 Chess in Africa Pledge campaign; national and regional Scholastic Olympics; providing support for establishing chess clubs in schools, colleges, and university; strategic advocacy for making chess part of educational curricula in Africa; and use of online tools and social media. These efforts will help raise awareness of the benefits of chess and expand interest in and access to chess for 30 million Africans.

Please complete this survey about your chess playing skills.

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CSDA will be launching this and other initiatives in 2015.