CSDA’s education programs are predicated on the fact that sustainable development is inextricably linked to the delivery of an affordable, accessible, and merit-based education system. The education programs are designed to enhance and transform current systems of learning and teaching¬† through a dual-pronged approach that: (i) effectively engages students using innovative tools and techniques, while (ii) bolstering support for teachers through ongoing peer support trainings.

CSDA’s goal is to prepare and provide the next-generation of thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs with essential information and promote analytical skills/thinking required to accelerate and sustain development agendas in African countries.

CSDA recognizes the need for alternative or parallel education systems in order to affect change rapidly. Lessons from OECD countries and other G20 nations illustrate the transformative impact of vocational skills on a country’s development. For the millions of illiterate or under-educated youth and adults not served by the formal education system, CSDA will work with regional and national partners to establish and/or expand vocational schools that equip this marginalized population with essential and practical job skills to reenter the labor market.

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