Scholastic Olympics

(Postponed until further notice due the Ebola Epidemic in Liberia)


CSDA and Ricks Institute in Liberia will co-organize the first Annual Scholastic Olympics in March 2014. More than 10 schools and 100 participants are expected to participate at the inaugural event which will be held at Ricks Institute in Monrovia. CSDA will conduct training workshops in the competitive activities for teachers and coaches in preparation for the event.


Awards and Prizes

CSDA will recognize the hard work of school administrators and coaches for investing in and rallying their teams for the competition. Outstanding achievements will be honored with appropriate prizes/awards and schools with most awards will obtain a special distinction in CSDA Education Hall of Fame.   

The Role of Schools, Teachers and Coaches

The performance of students at the Scholastic Olympics will depend on how well the students are prepared by their schools, teaches and coaches. CSDA encourages schools to invest in the appropriate activities during and after school. To assist with this preparation, CSDA will hold training workshops in the different activities for teachers and coaches.


First Annual Scholastic Olympics in 2014

CSDA's Scholastic Olympics is a tournament designed to engage students in academic activities in a fun, competitive environment. The event offers three distinct activities in which students can demonstrate their skills and interests. The competitive activities are:

1. Chess

2. Creative Expression

3. STEM Race

Ckick here to learn more about these activities.